Waterfront Experience


Sea Turtle & Marine Animal Awareness - Presented by Atlantic Marine Conservation Society

(AMCS, pronounced “A-M seas”) focuses on issues facing all 24 species of marine mammals and sea turtles which inhabit New York waters by following our mission to promote marine conservation through action. We utilize wild population studies, satellite tagging, aerial surveys, and stranding investigations to identify challenges and find solutions. By integrating different projects, AMCS provides a comprehensive assessment of the health of marine mammals and sea turtles in our marine environment.


Guess the Plant - Presented by Cornell University Cooperative Extension Nassau County

Guess the Plant Part: children handle common grocery store foods, guess which part of the plant they are, and open colored cards to check their answers. Make an Insect Collage: Using natural objects from plants, children create an anatomically correct insect with three body parts, six legs, and two antennae.

CSH Fish Hatchery2.png

Live Turtles & Fishing Game - Presented by Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery

Live turtle experience and fishing game challenge for children and adults alike.


Recycling Game - Presented by Friends of the Bay

Recycling Game and Stormwater runoff model. The mission of Friends of the Bay is to preserve, protect and restore the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor estuary and surrounding watershed. We work to accomplish this by our water quality monitoring and habitat restoration programs, educational outreach and advocacy.

LISS & Sea Grant.png

Long Island Sound Trivia - Presented by Long Island Sound Study and New York Sea Grant

Activity description 1: How much do you know about your local beach? Come by Long Island Sound Study’s booth and test your knowledge by spinning our LISound Trivia Wheel for a chance to win goodies!

Activity description 2: Come learn about aquaculture and fisheries by engaging NY Sea Grant at this year’s Oyster Festival.  Activities include “Becoming an Aquacuturist” where participants will be challenged to build a “functional” fish farm and “Go Fish” to learn more about the various seafoods that are commonly, or uncommonly, found on your plate.


Artifacts of the Sound - Presented by NY Marine Rescue Center 

The New York Marine Rescue Center is a rescue and rehabilitation organization that promotes marine conservation. Our mission is to preserve and protect the marine environment through conservation efforts including rescue, rehabilitation, education and research. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we are the primary responders for sick or injured seals, sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises and small toothed whales, and maintain the only marine mammal and sea turtle rehabilitation center in New York State. As such, we will be showing marine mammal and sea turtle artifacts including shells, bones, skulls, teeth etc. and a sea turtle coloring activity.  

Nassau County SWCD2.png

Sunday Only - How Stormwater Impacts You - Presented by Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District

Will be using their Enviroscape model to demonstrate the impact stormwater runoff has on our waterways. (Sunday Only)


Sunday Only - Seed Collection - Presented by Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center

Seed collection activity - selection of seed heads for people to decorate a paper bag, learn about the specific native plant, and then take home with instructions to dry out and freeze, etc. for spring planting in their own yards.

Save the great2.png

Oysters - the Secret Water Filtering - Presented by Save the Great South Bay

Oyster tank demonstration for water filtering


Plastics Cleanup Challenge - Presented by Save the Sound

Children of all ages can “fish” for plastic pollution waste with our interactive magnet fishing game, learning that it’s much easier to never put plastics in the water, than it is to get them out.

The mission of Save the Sound is to protect and improve the land, air, and water of Long Island Sound. We work to ensure that Long Island Sound, rivers, and lakes are safe for swimming, fishing, and boating, and our waters and coastal habitats support thriving populations of fish, shellfish, whales, turtles, seals, and birds. That your family has clean air to breathe, communities are healthy and vibrant, that our last great open spaces and the lands that filter your drinking water are protected from over-development, and critical natural areas can support wildlife, recreation, and clean water.


Live Marine Animals Touch Tank - Presented by The WaterFront Center

Live Marine Animals Touch Tank.  Did you know that a sea cucumber will throw-up its insides as a defense mechanism to ward off predators; or that a whelk snail can repair its own shell if it gets damaged? Take a closer look at different invertebrates that inhabit the local waters of Oyster Bay and Long Island Sound.

Volunteers for Wildlife.png

Fascinating Long Island Animals - Presented by Volunteers for Wildlife

A live introductory experience to some of the fascinating animals that call Long Island home.  We will explore their unique adaptations and the issues that deal with in order to survive here on Long Island.