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Thrill Rides

Amusements, Thrill Rides & Game Midway

What's a festival without rides? Newton & Sons provides the midway, as they have for many years. The attractions are fun and exciting! These attractions have provided safe fun for more than 40 years. A wide assortment of rides for children of all ages will be on hand, along with an array of fun sideshow games with great prizes.

Not many people buy a ferris wheel upon learning a fourth child is on the way. But in 1949, Lewis Newton, already trying to make ends meet by supplying prizes and stuffed animals to church bazaars, took the chance when a Brooklyn priest suggested he "get some rides."

So, Newton invested his savings of $9,300 and his future was delivered in mounds of steel and moving parts. "I couldn't tell what I was looking at," Newton said. "So I drove over to Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey and asked the guy who ran the wheel there if he could help me. He saved my life."

That ferris wheel in post-war Flatbush was, according to Newton, the first amusement ride to make the rounds of the Catholic parishes in Queens and Brooklyn. With his initial success, Newton expanded in 1953. He quit his day job installing insulation for Western Electric and added four rides from a Levittown kiddie park that was forced to close because it was too near a cocktail lounge. During the winter, he stored the amusements in the "boonies," on 20 acres at Elwood Road and Route 25A in Northport, which he leased for $10 a month.

Now, with 26 rides in tow, Lewis J. Newton & Sons is the biggest carnival operator in Queens, and Nassau and Suffolk counties. Headquartered in East Northport a few miles away from its original storage site, it is one of an estimated 500 such traveling carnivals in North America, all family owned.