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Tall Ships

Location: West End Avenue/Western Waterfront for 2014



Amistad America!

Each year thousands of people rush to the Oyster Festival in anticipation of the Tall Ships.  This year won’t disappoint as we welcome one that represents a piece of history- Amistad America!

The mission of Amistad America is to teach the important lessons of history inherent to the Amistad incident of 1839. Amistad serves as an enduring symbol of unity and human struggle for freedom. In shedding light on the facts of our collective history and the legacy of transatlantic slave trade, Amistad America provides a peaceful means by which individuals and communities can learn together and address the issues of racism and intolerance with a positive goal of building bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

We are pleased to announce that we will be organizing school trips to Amistad America during the days leading up to the festival. Please reach out to Kerry Gillick-Goldberg at for more details. 


Back again...

 John J. Harvey Fireboat

On September 11, 2001, the boat's owners asked FDNY officials for permission to assist in evacuations from Ground Zero. Meanwhile, due to many damaged water mains, fire crews were deprived of water. Officials radioed the Harvey to drop off her passengers as soon as possible and return to the disaster site to pump water, reactivating her official designation Marine 2. Alongside FDNY fireboats Firefighter and John D. McKean, she pumped water at the site for 80 hours, until water mains were restored.

The John J. Harvey served the FDNY from her launch in 1931 to her retirement in 1994. At 130 feet and 268 net tons, she is among the most powerful fireboats ever in service. She has five 600 HP diesel engines, and has capacity to pump 18,000 gallons of water a minute. Her pumps are powerful -- enough so that when she and the George Washington Bridge were both brand new, she shot water over the bridge's roadway. .

Her owners have been working since 1999 to raise awareness of the importance of historic vessels to the history of New York City and the United States - and they are succeeding! With their trips up the Hudson, they are promoting interest in the waterfront for towns in New York State. They offer public access to the harbor, training in new skills, and a chance to preserve an important part of history.